The new Sennheiser earphones want to reach the younger audience and link with our smartphone

When speaking of well-known brands in portable audio, Sennheiser is one of the first to be usually come to mind. With products that are based on affordable prices for all budgets catalog comes to more exclusive for lovers of the highest quality.

On this page we have seen some of their proposals and now is the turn to talk about their latest release. A new family of portable headphones HD2 consists of three new models; the HD 2.10 Sennheiser HD and HD 2.30 2.20S characterized by a young and casual appearance. Continue reading “The new Sennheiser earphones want to reach the younger audience and link with our smartphone”

Three key ideas that you have to consider when buying your home cinema

Christmas is coming and many took advantage of these weeks to renew or upgrade any of our teams image and sound, but sometimes we are guided by factors such as design or most outstanding performance without thinking about what we really need.

The sector of sound devices for home theater or home cinema sets is one of the most complex market because of the multitude of brands and models add features and specifications difficult to understand for lay users in the field. However, there are three basic ideas that we take in mind when we go to the store, keys to choose a good model that fits our needs and not regret a few months. Continue reading “Three key ideas that you have to consider when buying your home cinema”

What kind of shoe is best to do sit-ups?

Like when we talk about running we worry about what shoes are best for this type of activity, the same goes for other sports and even specific exercises. In this case we focus on what is most appropriate footwear, by looking at the kinetic and muscle activation when train squats.

We can start by telling you what type of footwear is not the most appropriate, and these are the running shoes. Training in the weight room, especially if we do free weights, with running shoes is not the best of ideas. Continue reading “What kind of shoe is best to do sit-ups?”

Why should we kill once and for all the myth of drinking eight glasses of water a day?

We all know that proper hydration is essential to benefit the organization and its operation, however, little is known about the exact amount you need to drink. The most widespread and popular recommendation states that are required eight glasses of water a day for health care, but this, is it a myth or a reality?

Less or more for health care

Since a hydration correct is that which maintains fluid balance and electrolytes in our body, the amount of liquid that a body needs can be very different from another, but of course, depends on many factors.

And if we drink little our whole body suffers the consequences, for different organs are affected and can damage vital functions, reduce performance, alter mood and even prove fatal.

But if instead we drink too much water can also seriously affect the body by causing dilution of electrolytes that play important roles and at low levels in relation to water can alter blood circulation, cause gastrointestinal symptoms and even fatal. Continue reading “Why should we kill once and for all the myth of drinking eight glasses of water a day?”

‘A monster comes to see me,’ catharsis induction

The film career of Juan Antonio Bayona shows two things, first, shows interest reflect melodramatic intensity feelings born of tough situations, something that usually bring the viewer to places outside their comfort zone. In addition, it has a capacity to wrap this intensity in breathtaking images, plastically perfect, supported with a pompous use of soundtracks.

In his new film, ‘A monster comes to see me’, the director has chosen a story that allows you to show off her two facets, covering the recent path marked by ‘ Pan’s Labyrinth ‘ (2006), in which childhood He confronted with the difficulties and horrors of the real world through a gymkhana fantastic with fairy tales as a thread. A kind of film of initiation for anything outside our films, a pioneer in Carolinian delusions as a metaphor difficult childhoods with ‘ The Spirit of the Beehive ‘ (1973). Continue reading “‘A monster comes to see me,’ catharsis induction”

‘Doctor Strange’, bravo, Marvel

It is clear that characters Iron Man and Captain America are the two major players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that members of the first adventure of the Avengers have a special place in the hearts of many moviegoers superhero. That does not mean you can rely exclusively on them if they will not cause depletion of viewers and so, gradually, we are getting new characters.

At the time and enjoyed both the Guardians of the Galaxy as Ant-Man and the latest gamble factory of ideas is Dr. Strange, a character that Marvel falls squarely in the realm of magic and multiverse. An ambitious bet that has made ‘Doctor Strange’ in the different proposal from the company without breaking its identity and also one of the best and most entertaining films he has done so far. Continue reading “‘Doctor Strange’, bravo, Marvel”

My client is in bankruptcy should I continue selling them?

The bankruptcy is a mechanism provided for in the legal system to ensure the future viability of a company that has financial problems to meet their payment obligations with creditors. The goal is to get as many copper creditors, and ensure that the company can continue to operate, so, even though this procedure ends often in liquidation of the company is a very important system to avoid this situation. Continue reading “My client is in bankruptcy should I continue selling them?”

What we asked a backup system in the cloud?

In many companies virtual hard disks, which are responsible to synchronize our files on the computer or server to the cloud, as a backup system used. But when upload files and remove them from the company, what would you ask a backup system in the cloud?

Well, first we should have the information encrypted. Something that a user would not be a problem for the company that handles confidential information is a must. The data should remain safe even if someone manages to gain access credentials to the cloud service. Continue reading “What we asked a backup system in the cloud?”

This is the technology needed to move from Autopilot to autonomous driving in Tesla Motors

The mystery has already been unveiled; Tesla Motors what promises is that all cars have the necessary technology for autonomous driving. It is something that has to be so for all models in 2018, and that includes the smallest of the house, the expected Model 3.

Of cars sold today, both Model S and Model X, will be equipped with the necessary hardware to reach the level 5 of autonomy, the highest in the established categories, a few steps beyond the controversial “Autopilot” .Actually they have to stop at level 4, as these cars can circulate without driver action, but must still be there present. Continue reading “This is the technology needed to move from Autopilot to autonomous driving in Tesla Motors”

Electric cars, under debate it’s now the time or have to wait for 2020

The situation of electric cars is starting to change very seriously, and are now more interesting than ever before. In late 2010 electric cars that were sold had approved a range of about 150-200 km. Today, at the end of 2016, that autonomy has risen to between 370 and 500 km (not to mention what gets Tesla playing in another league … and other prices). Very recently, we explained to you: in a century the autonomy of electric cars is 12 times higher, but the main improvement in batteries has seen in the last 10 years. Continue reading “Electric cars, under debate it’s now the time or have to wait for 2020”