10 natural cures for headaches

Who among us has never found lying in bed, in the dark, with nausea, wishing to find himself without a head, anything to get rid of that hideous headache!

It is important to remember that a headache rarely has a single root cause but usually, depends on the combined action of several causes.

Therefore not all headaches are equal, and similarly, not all remedies are adequate. For these reasons, it is always good to consider carefully the type of a headache, and the answers it gives to the remedies used. For example, in Phytotherapy essential drops of lavender or mint have a calming and relaxing effect, but for those who have a tendency to brood over things is indicated juniper.

Today we suggest 10 natural methods, and free of contraindications, to combat headaches.

1 – Potato & Lemon

Have you ever used the potato or lemon to cure a migraine? It is enough to cut two slices, and place them on the temples: the effect is soothing and painkiller at the same time.

2- Acupuncture

A Duke University study showed that the acupuncture is more effective than conventional drugs in the treatment of migraines, especially those due to muscle tension.

3 – Massage

A massage slowly carried on your temples, face, neck quickly relieves stress and tension, eliminating the headache. Particularly suitable for this purpose is the craniosacral massage.

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4 – Aromatherapy

Orange, citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, sandalwood are just some of the many odors that ‘ aromatherapy uses in fighting migraine. These perfumes can be used both in the form of essential oils, both in the form of candles and soaps.

5 – Hot shower

The water comes cascading over neck and back relieves muscle tension, and also allows a better blood supply to the brain.

6 – Cold

Many use the cold to combat headaches: anything coming out of your freezer (the bag of ice to the frozen soup) can relieve pain if supported where you feel pain for about ten minutes. Few, however, when you have a hot head and sore, plunging feet and legs (from the knee down) in a basin of cold water; yet this trick quickly decongest the brain, with amazing effects!

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7 – Bach Flowers

Bach identified a combination of 5 flowers, the Rescue Remedy, which acts as a harmonizer psichofisico and is useful in so-called emergency situations, where a quick response from your body should be obtained. This remedy of Bach flowers, so it can be used not only migraine but also against general malaise, time change or states of stress.

8 – Herbal teas

Drinking herbal tea helps you relax and feel better, especially if the infusion is made from chamomile, orange blossom, lavender, lemon, marjoram, lemon balm, passionflower, valerian… Another herbal tea mostly used for pain relieve is known as Kratom, you should try Kratom tea, as it has alkaloids and nutrients, which increase the amounts of serotonin and dopamine and the result is pain relive.

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9 – Rest

Often the headache is derived from an excess of work and stress: in this case, the only solution is relaxation and rest. Even just to lie in the dark, just focusing on your breathing, it is a way to close the door all concerns. That it is also an excellent not only remedy for insomnia and trouble sleeping.

10 – Sex

Strange but true: sex increases the production of serotonin and dopamine, easing migraine in place; not only that, if practiced regularly helps prevent the formation of headaches! You cannot use a headache as an excuse when you do not feel like it.

Being all natural remedies, these solutions can also be used in combination with each other: you can make a hot shower by using aromatherapy soap, or you can massage your temples with lemon slices.

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