7 types of office desk to consider

Rarely does a piece of furniture have so many functions; for the home and office, play and work. A desk can be a focal point of any hobby, job or schoolwork.

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According to recent statistics over four million Britons are now favouring working from home, proving a desk is vital to our homes.

Writing desk

This is an open, minimalist desk with little storage and a broad desktop. Ideal to be placed next to a wall or the centre of a room. Conservative in style and adaptable to most spaces, this desk would be more appropriate for laptops than a large desktop office computer.

There is much choice, from traditional wood designs to minimal glass and steel structures. Bespoke commercial desks, such as those found at http://simonkohnfurniture.co.uk/our-work/commercial/reception-areas-and-desks/ can create something very special for the home.

Computer desk

Especially in modern homes, the computer desk is the most efficient and practical of home desks. They have plenty of room and storage for all desktop PCs and accessories. Similar to the writing desk, this is designed for simplicity and efficiency, but with more storage and space.

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Executive desk

This desk is the heavyweight of the office world. With much drawer storage and a large surface area, these colossal, grandiose structures impart opulence and classic design.
Often thought of as the classic, traditional desk, this design can take the shape of individual rectangular desks to an office suite.

Credenza desk

This design incorporates a desk into wall cabinets, combining style and utility. Usually displayed in living or dining rooms, you gain two pieces of furniture with plenty of storage.

Corner desk

A convenient space solver, or a large desk configuration, a corner desk can provide a solution to small areas or a large corner space. One of their best features is the great leg room they provide.

Secretary desk

A tall, heavy item of furniture, this ornate desk is topped with a hinged writing surface. Closed with drawers or doors, and originally designed for those who lacked space for a roll-top form, this desk can be a very stylish addition to the home.

Floating desk

Ideal for saving space, this desk is directly mounted onto the wall and takes up no floor space. Often integrated into shelving, the floating desk is perfect for students at university and small bedrooms.

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