Simple Tricks to Maximise Your Car Battery’s Working Life

If properly maintained, a car battery can survive for half a decade before replacement is required. By following these tips, you can make sure that you squeeze the most use out of your battery, saving money in the process.

Conduct Regular Checks

The simplest way to assess the health of your battery is to inspect it frequently, keeping an eye out for any signs of wear and tear. Open your car’s bonnet at least once a month and see if the battery terminals are in good shape or if any corrosion is forming.

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Power Up Properly

A car battery’s main purpose is to jolt the engine into action when you turn the key; it is not designed to provide power to the internal electronics and accessories you attach when the engine is off.  So if the car is not running, it is sensible to avoid using any of the electric systems and outlets, as doing so can dramatically limit the life cycle of the battery.

High-end replacement cells like the Odyssey PC680 Motorsport Battery available from sites such as can provide increased durability, but they are just as susceptible to problems if used incorrectly.

Invest in Insulation

A battery can suffer if it is exposed to rapid temperature changes, such as when you start up the engine on a cold day and the bay quickly heats up around it. Dedicated insulation kits are available to prevent this from happening, although they will only be necessary for older vehicles, as they are now standard on many new models.

Schedule Recharges

If you do not use your car on a daily basis, the battery will gradually be depleted of its stored energy over time. This means that recharging it on a weekly basis is necessary to avoid it becoming entirely flat and thus preventing the vehicle from starting the next time you want to travel.

Modern developments in battery technology are helping electric vehicles to become a reality and even compete with fossil fuel-powered rivals in terms of practicality.  But just like new EVs, traditional cars also need to be recharged to stay on the move.

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Top Up the Water

Your car battery will have an indicator to show when the water it contains is too low. Top it up with distilled water if this is an issue.

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