Diamonds and diamonds are everywhere.

I enjoy nothing more than sitting back with a good book, glass of wine and listening to some music. The other day something struck me.  Whilst I was looking up how to buy Diamond rings online and perusing through the offerings on I was listening to Rihanna’s song ‘Diamonds’, I didn’t realise how many songs actually have diamonds somewhere in the lyrics. I thought I would just share a few with you because now I have started listening for them I can’t stop!

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  • ‘Flawless’ by Beyonce. In this 2013 hit Beyonce sings the lyrics “this diamond: flawless – my diamond: flawless – this rock: flawless”. The song was inspired by her desire to encourage women to follow their dreams and to believe in themselves and their abilities.
  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. This 1949 classic sung by Carol Channing is probably the most well-known song with diamonds in the lyrics. It is one of those songs that once you have heard it you will never forget it. The song features in the show on Broadway ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’ which was then made into a hit film in 1952 starring the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. The film and the song became instant successes. The American Film Institute cite the song as one of the most important movie songs in history!

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  • Diamonds are Forever. The 1971 James Bond theme song for the film of the same name was sung by Shirley Bassey. It is one of the top Bond films and is popular with will seasoned enthusiasts of the British Agent stories. In the song men and diamonds are compared with Shirley singing that the gemstone will never let her down. The song is another one that rings through your mind once you have heard with one of the most memorable lyrics for me being ‘Diamonds are forever, sparkling round my little finger. Unlike men, the diamond linger’.
  • Diamonds and Pearls by Prince. This famous song was written, produced and performed by Prince himself in 1991. The lyric ‘If I gave you diamonds and pearls. Would you be a happy boy or a girl’ resonates its feeling throughout the song. Many people have debated what the singer meant by this line, was it a subtle take on the fickle nature of peoples love when present with priceless possessions or was it an attempt to say that there was nothing he would not give to the person he loves?

Once you start looking for key words or phrases in song lyrics you seem to hear them everywhere you go. What other song lyrics do you know that have diamonds mentioned?

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