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How to Handle Nerves

Preparing for a big presentation can be nerve-racking. Often, the excitement of presenting something important causes heightened nervousness. However, you can use that nervous energy in a productive way to engage your audience and convey a message. The first step to handling nerves is to make sure you’ve prepared well. Practice making your presentation more …


Crazy Sports And Adrenaline Sports

Extreme sports are for those that need to take their fitness and competitive spirit to a level beyond normal sports and activities. If you have a need to feel the excitement of the adrenaline rush, there are many ways you can get your fix and stretch your body to its limits. You could try marathons …


Key Facts About Judaism

Did you know that there are many important Jewish traditions? Among these traditions are wearing a skullcap called a kippah, which is worn when praying, eating, or studying. Similarly, people who practice Judaism wear a prayer shawl, called a tallit, during prayer services. The tallit has several unique design elements, including tzitzit, which are knotted …