How to move items safely around your stockroom

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If you are a product-based business, the chances are that you have a stockroom or warehouse somewhere that contains all of your items. These are often hotbeds of activity with new items coming in and old ones being replenished on the shop floor. In order to ensure that you can replace your stock effectively as well as keep your employees safe there are a number of things that you can do to safely move items around your stockroom.

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Stock rotation – this is incredibly important if you have items that have a best before or a use-by date. You should ensure that you add new items to the back of any shelving and that the older products are located at the front. You can do this most effectively by storing your items in the same numbers as will be present on your store shelves.

Equipment – in order to move items safely and to protect the health of your employees you should look to use equipment from a Pallet Trucks Ireland company. This not only means that your staff are not trying to carry heavy items, but it also makes it much more efficient in terms of the number of items that can be moved in one go.

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Planning – make sure that you have a clear plan for how new items coming into the stockroom will be catalogued and placed on the shelving as well as when the items will be moved onto the shop floor. This will also then help with your stock control.

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