Important things that estimators should know

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Quantity surveyors estimate costs for projects, from initial concepts to the final stages. They must have a thorough understanding of the roles of all trades and professions involved in construction.  They must provide accurate cost estimates for goods, as well as time duration in order to provide best value for stakeholders.

Another essential quality is the ability to quickly gather project-specific information and store it for easy access. By having such concrete procedures in place, surveyors will be able to provide more accurate estimates.

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Be aware of all the stakeholders and interested parties involved in a project. Their decisions, whether negative or positive, will have an impact on costs and timescales. By identifying the stakeholders and the effect they have on the project, time and money can be saved. For more information on Quantity Surveying Services, visit

It is important to understand the different stages of a project. Each project will have a unique life cycle and it’s crucial to know who and what is needed at each stage of the project. Having schedules, solid deliverables and milestones can assist with keeping duration and costs on track.

Estimators should also have a strong working knowledge of applicable laws, like building regulations, health and safety and working regulations. This ensures protection against potential legal issues delaying the project.

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Communication is another essential skill required of the surveyor. During the project life cycle, there will be countless professionals and employees to communicate with. The value of the project depends greatly on the ability to communicate effectively.

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