What are overalls?

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Overalls are a professional clothing garment designed to protect workers. Originally, it was used as a tracksuit worn over clothing to protect from dirt. The type of protection that it offers has evolved with time, and you can now find models resistant to heat, friction, flames or humidity.

What are the benefits of wearing overalls?

Protective gear for each profession

Protection provided by overalls is dependent on the type and position of the worker. Some models protect the wearer from dirt while others offer resistance to chemicals, electricity or even heat and flame.

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Comfortable and practical outfit

Original overalls were designed to improve worker performance and protect them. Workwear indeed to be comfortable and practical. The design was created to allow the wearer to move freely. Vents are included in some models to improve breathability. Professionals have small and large pockets at chest level, or on each side of their outfits. These pockets can have flaps to protect their contents.

Who wears the overalls?

As we have seen, overalls can be used in many different ways. They are therefore very popular amongst all types of tradespeople. For Womens Overalls, contact www.3donkeys.co.uk/womens-overalls

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Catering and agrifood

The catering and food industries are big fans of overalls. The jacket-shaped overalls cover the upper body, and if they have pockets, tools and utensils are within reach.

Medical sector

Health professionals also need overalls. The overalls are mostly worn as a blouse and are generally unisex. This model is distinguished by snap buttons or traditional buttons, short sleeves and a V-neck.

Manual trades

Overalls are also required for trades like carpentry, joinery or gardening. Some even require protection in order to avoid risks related to tools or the environment.

Construction and public works

Construction workers and site workers must wear overalls. Overalls and coveralls are preferred by professionals in this field due to their comfortability and practicality.

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