What was the bestselling car in the UK in 2018?

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Despite the fact we are always being told that they are polluting the environment and we need to reduce our use of them, cars still remain the most popular transport for getting to A to B in the UK. The industry actually shrank a bit, and this is thought to be because of Brexit fears and the sudden call to end production of Diesel cars.

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What car was the most popular in 2018? The results might not come as much of a surprise but it is still interesting to look at. Are we a nation of gas guzzling Hummer buyers or do we favour the economical runabout. Electric and alternative fuel cars saw a rise, although they are still only a tiny part of the market as a whole. Perhaps the hybrids are really starting to take a hold on the industry? Only time will tell.

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  1. The Ford Fiesta. It’s been a staple of the road since the 1960’s (see above) and although it’s not the small car it was it has found it has become an option for the family for those who don’t need a C-Max or Focus. The Fiesta seems to have it all in terms of design and engine options making a flexible choice.
  2. Volkswagen Golf. Has there ever been a list where this might German car hasn’t featured in the top ten. They not only retain their value far beyond most other second hand models but Volkswagen’s ongoing commitment to the car, a new high tech version is due out this year.
  3. Vauxhall Corsa. The direct rival to the Fiesta but still lacking a new model is out at some point this year and it will need to be a winner to make up the ground.
  4. Nissan Qashqai. Once the doyen of the Crossover market the Qashqai (currently built in Britain) is seeing some increased competition that might see it drop down the list.
  5. Ford Focus. Fords family car has suffered a bit as people go for the Fiesta and from crossover cars like the Qashqai above.
  6. Volkswagen Polo. Recovering from a scandal (it wasn’t as green as they said it was) the Polo is the smaller Golf but is starting to come back stronger.

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  1. Mini Hatch. Iconic as ever the new Mini still creates excitement. A whole electric version is out this year to much anticipation.
  2. Mercedes A class. There affordable family car.
  3. Ford Kuga. Fords entry into the SUV market and its gunning for the Qashqai.
  4. Kia Sportage. Affordable and practical and with a seven year warranty this is fast becoming a family car favourite.

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