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Web development is very much a trend-led industry, with a combination of technological advances and changing tastes leading to evolutions in what sites look like and how they behave on different devices.

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If you are looking to find out about the hottest web development trends that will determine the course of site design during 2019, you have come to the right place.

Dealing with Ad Blockers

2019 will be the year in which site owners have to deal with the dramatic increase in the number of people who use ad-blocking software to prevent promotions appearing when they are browsing.

Almost a fifth of UK adults now harness ad blockers, which leaves webmasters with a problem of how to generate revenue and gain attention for their sites.

Negating the impact of ad blockers will be tricky, but it is likely that content marketing will be used in 2019 to ensure that people are more willing to view promotional material. And some sites are even experimenting with promising users fewer ads to encourage them to turn off their blocking software.

Embracing Full-Screen Navigation

Making sites work better on mobile devices has been addressed with the move to responsive design in recent years, but there are always improvements which can be made to the user experience on portable gadgets. This is where full-screen navigation design comes into play.

The idea is that rather than forcing users to pinch, zoom and engage with on-page elements manually, things such as forms and other interactive elements will automatically expand to fill the screen when they are interacted with by visitors.

Experts at agencies such as who offer Web Design Yorkshire way will be able to talk small businesses through the process of adding this type of functionality to their sites.

Leveraging the Internet of Things

More devices are gaining internet access than ever before, with the ability to send and receive data wirelessly and thus unlock enhanced functionality as part of the IoT (Internet of Things).

In 2019, website design will need to take into account the rapid growth of the IoT and the massive potential that it offers for businesses to endow customers and clients with uniquely useful functionalities which make use of connected devices. From streamlined communications to remote control capabilities, the IoT possibilities are endless.

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