Common summer injuries and illnesses

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Outdoor events play a major role in the British summer. You should be prepared to provide adequate care for summer injuries if you are planning an event for next summer. These are the most common ailments people can get from being outdoors during the summer.

  1. Heat Problems

It’s important to remember the power of the sun, even if we have a nice, hot, dry spell. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are just a few of the problems that can arise. You may feel dizzy, nauseous and have a headache if you are not hydrated enough. For Event Medical Cover, go to

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  1. Drowning

Water-related injuries, and even deaths, are on the rise in summer because people are tempted to cool off in places they don’t know. Swimming, boating, diving, and even paddling are all activities that can cause injuries, ranging from cuts to drowning.

  1. Burns

The use of barbecues is a major factor in the increase in burns during the summer. Another way people can get burns is by grilling over campfires. Inexperienced people can make mistakes that result in burns. Children should never be unsupervised near campfires or barbecues.

  1. Food poisoning

Bacteria can grow more quickly in humid and warm conditions. If food is not properly washed, or left in heat, or if it’s undercooked, barbecues can also be a problem. Avoid leaving food in the sun, and wash your hands before and after eating and preparing food.

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  1. Sunburn

The majority of sunburns are mild, and do not require a visit to the doctor. However, if blistering occurs or if it is combined with other symptoms like nausea, confusion, or dizziness then this is a serious case.

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