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A shower squeegee is an essential accessory when you want to clean water from the glass and tile. Our bathroom tiles and glass usually get water. When the water droplet dries on the glass then the glass becomes a blur and looks ugly.

Same problem with the tile when water on the tile it becomes more slithery. Then there is a possibility to happen any accident that can be cause hand or leg was broken. To get rid of these unwanted accidents you can use the best shower squeegee.

Gutewerk Shower Squeegee best shower squeegee

This shower squeegee is the best for glass. It has a suction hook so you don’t need to drill or glue on the wall. This suction cup is easily attached to a smooth surface like glass and tile. The suction cup is removable. So it is easy when need to move it and you can attach it to the shower glass, door, shower walls.


The blade works smoothly

Streak-free cleaning

The damping effect prevent damage to shower squeegee and bathroom interior

Non-slip handle

Food grade materials


After a long time, there is a possibility to fall down the suction cup.

OXO cheapest one

Don’t be a patriot always because you need to be thrifty to save your money bag fat. It is made in China don’t worry because this product manufacturer doesn’t compromise with their product. Using this squeegee you can wipes off the windows, shower door, mirror, and tile surface.



Return, refund, repair, or replacement is available if you aren’t satisfied

Don’t battery

Don’t require any assemble

Suction hook provide good service on the flatten area


The Squeegee handle is small

After 1000 times or more use the edge is maybe worn out

iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee

iDesign Forma manufactured by InterDesign which company has over 40 years of experience. Though the hanging style of this squeegee is different the working style is the same as others for floors, mirrors, glass doors. It has a suction hook and 12 inches blade. Since the shower squeegee is long, so for the wide door you need to 3 times swipe down the door.


Best master, kid’s and guest bathroom

Suction hook available


Battery doesn’t require

Assemble don’t require


Weight is a little bit more

Pricey but worth it

Umbra Flex Shower SqueegeeUmbra Flex best Shower Squeegee

One of the best-selling shower squeegees with an extendable handle. Users can easily reach that area were hard to reach. It comes with a very strong suction cup but the suction cup falls down if you don’t attach it to the flat surface.


Very lightweight

The Squeegee handle is extendable

Don’t require a battery

Assemble don’t require

5-year manufacturer’s warranty


You need to readjust the suction cup every 3 months.

OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee

Another cheapest and best shower squeegee with 9 ½ inches blade of OXO. The handle the 7 ½ inches long which is enough to hold and comfortable.



Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Suction hook available

Don’t require a battery


It isn’t dishwasher safe

The blade is so flimsy and thin

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