What lurks on surfaces?

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If your business regularly invites members of the public in to use any equipment or even just seating then you’ll need to have a thorough cleaning regime in place. Most people think that toilet seats are the grubbiest places and would take extra precautions when having to touch one. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that there are far more bacteria lurking on much more innocuous everyday items.

Toilet seats on average contain 1,600 germs per 100 cm2 but children’s play equipment? A whole lot more. Bikes and balls showed levels of 14,000 per 100 cm2!

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Other items with a shocking level of bacteria included fridge handles. Seating also offered up a surprise in that sofa or chair arms had almost twelve times the bacteria of the average toilet seat! It might be wise to invest in Commercial Cleaning Belfast.

Taps can also be a breeding ground for germs as, after the flush, they are the first thing you touch before washing your hands. Disinfecting regularly will ensure that you’re not making your hands dirtier every time you try to wash them. Find out about Commercial Cleaning Belfast by visiting Mac Clean.

Keyboards can harbour some pretty unpleasant things. These need to be wiped down with antibacterial agents daily in order to prevent illnesses such as stomach flu spreading. Such illness can spread very rapidly through establishments where lots of people use the same equipment, such as libraries, schools, offices and colleges.

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Share a kitchen at work? Make sure you are regularly throwing out sponges as these are breeding grounds for nasty things like salmonella. One that has been hanging around for a while could contain up to 134,630 bacteria per square inch, which is a staggering 456 times the levels of a toilet seat.

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