Who was Fox Talbot?

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With William Fox Talbot we approach a great of the Victiruan world. A true pioneering scientist who was, like Darwin, determined to forge ahead and create a better modern world using the principles first discovered by forerunners such as Sir Isaac Newton. Fox Talbot is credited with the invention of the camera but this is not strictly accurate. He was the first to make a marketable, portable and mostly affordable version of the camera. His version was, as he intended it to be, something that you could carry and take a picture of whatever you wanted to. He would have surely deeply approved of FPV Drone Filming like that from https://www.skypower.co.uk/drone-services/fpv-drone-filming/. The ability to record and take photos in the most inaccessible of places would have intrigued him no end.

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Just as the ability of the drone to photograph would have excited Fox Talbot he would have also been fascinated by the science behind the use of the machine and other technologies. He himself was greatly skilled in the world of optical sciences following his work with his camera.

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This was not his only field of interest. He also represented Chippenham in Parliament in the world of Politics. However a different field of study was also one of his greatest passions. He was very interested in Assyriology, the study of Mesopotamia and the ancient civilisations of the Middle East. He was greatly skilled and understanding cuneiform and the language of the ancient world.

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