Great Reasons to Visit Greece

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The birthplace of Western civilization is a fantastic destination at any time of year. It is home to amazing beaches, hospitable local people and remarkable food. It’s a great place to be active, whether you prefer to cycle around the islands or take a boat trip to explore the secluded beaches and rocky coves. You can even try your hand at some adrenaline pumping water sports or cliff jumping into the turquoise sea.

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You can also immerse yourself in the rich Greek culture and history, by visiting some of the country’s many ancient monuments such as the Parthenon in Athens. You can run across the original Olympic fields in Olympia, wander through the well-preserved Corinth Tunnels and seek out wisdom at the ancient Oracle of Delphi.

One of the best things about a holiday to Greece is the weather, which is warm even in the autumn. Consider visiting in September as it’s quieter than other summer months. This means that you can visit some of the country’s most impressive cultural and archaeological landmarks without having to fight the crowds. Should you fall in love with Greece, why not look into the Golden Visa Greece by visiting a site like

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The weather in September is also perfect for enjoying a cold drink on the beach or at a bar. You can sample the delicious Greek wines such as Assyrtiko, Retsina and Agiorgitiko or try a more wintery drink like Rakomelo or Oinomelo.

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