Fitting a new garage door

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Installing a garage should not take more than one day. Find the perfect garage door for your budget and style, then have it delivered and get it installed.

Find Inspiration

Browse online for styles that you prefer, and find the companies who make them. On their websites, many brands provide virtual try-ons where you can experiment with different colours and doors onto a photo of your home. You can narrow down your choices of colours and styles, as well as find local distributors. You can purchase directly from the manufacturer for custom designs or through a distributor recommended by its representative. For help with Garage Doors Swindon, visit

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Hire a professional installer

When you purchase garage doors, they can arrange installation. This is usually done by subcontracting the work to an installer. This route relieves you of the burden of finding a professional and allows you to relax, knowing who to call if you have a problem.

Choose several companies and let them examine your needs. They can then make suggestions on the best option for your budget and home. This may cost more but you will get the perfect door for your home, both in terms of style and size.

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Measuring your garage door before purchase

Know the size of your door before you go to any showrooms or stores. This will help you with an idea of cost. The dimensions are also an easy way to find out if you require stock or semi-custom, particularly helpful for older properties that may have nonstandard garages. The door can be measured from the interior when it is down.

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