Should You Seal Your Concrete Driveway?

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Concrete has been the go-to for driveways for a long time. Due to it being easier to make and lay out in comparison to pavers, while being as durable as asphalt, and being less costly than either of its counterparts, its popularity is hardly a surprise.

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Countless contractors who work with concrete driveways will typically suggest to the residents that they should consider having their driveways sealed – some will even recommend that they be resealed annually. Of course, many people will quickly dismiss this out of hand due to it coming across as a sales pitch. However, it may be a good idea to reconsider the suggestion.

Whether it be from washing the car, rain, or another source entirely, concrete has been known to be particularly susceptible to moisture damage via water.

This is not surprising as concrete is a very porous material so it is especially easy for water to sneak down into its internal structure. Over time, the water loosens the bonds between the particles holding the concrete together, subsequently causing it to crack and crumble.

For those wanting to understand the importance of well-set concrete, this article may provide some useful information.

Stain Resistance

Sealing the driveway will help prevent water damage from happening so quickly by making the concrete more water-resistant.

Where unsealed concrete will hold onto stains, making them difficult to remove, the seal will instead make oil and other liquids bead over the surface, thus making them much easier to remove.

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Improved Longevity

If it wasn’t already clear, a concrete sealer will immensely improve a driveway’s resistance to the elements, allowing it to last longer while maintaining a sleek look. With the right application of a concrete sealer, alongside getting it resealed annually, a concrete driveway will be able to last for years without cracking or crumbling.

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