How often should your roof be cleaned?

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Household cleaning is always a chore, but one area that’s commonly overlooked – somewhat ironically – is the roof. For most people returning from their daily commute, the roof is the last thing their attention will be on, which is exactly why small-scale issues can become big problems down the line.

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Why should you clean your roof?

As previously mentioned, we invest a lot of time on cleaning our homes’ interiors, so why not the exteriors? The roof is your main defence against the elements, and keeping it in top condition will keep the rest of your home safe.

Water damage is the most common culprit of roof problems, and the incremental damage from frost, storms and hail will chip away at your roof over time, leading to mould and mildew.  

The upfront costs of roof cleaning may deter you. However, the assurance of a sturdy roof can put your mind at ease, as minor repairs will help keep major repairs at bay.

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How to clean your roof

Although anyone is capable of cleaning their own roof, inexperience and the risks may cause you and your roof more harm than good. If you need roof cleaning Stroud, hiring professionals will mitigate these risks and quell any qualms you may have about doing the work yourself. You can find plenty of services for roof cleaning in Stroud online.

Although sunny days may seem like the best choice, your cleaning products may evaporate too quickly in the heat. Likewise, don’t risk cleaning in the rain and potentially slipping. Also try to be economical with your use of products like bleach, as surplus chemicals may seep into other areas of the house, or ruin your plants and garden.

Pressure washers also aren’t your best friend for this endeavour, as the intensity of the stream can displace and loosen shingles and tiles.

How often you should clean your roof

With all this in mind, most professionals recommend an annual cleanup. Depending on the size of your roof and the material, this frequency can change, but once a year should cover most bases.

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