How does daytime office cleaning work?

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Cleaning is an important part of office and building management, and the timing can be important. Many offices are cleaned either in the evenings after people have left, or very early in the morning before most employees start. However, another option is daytime cleaning which takes place during business hours.

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Daytime cleaning is a common occurrence at train stations, shopping centres, cinemas etc. but has traditionally been less prevalent in offices, probably because of the potential for disruption. Some larger offices, however, will have always needed some things cleaned during working hours, notably toilets, food preparation areas and canteens.

Benefits of daytime cleaning

With daytime cleaning, the cleaning operatives are available on standby during normal business hours and can therefore deal with any urgent cleaning needs that may arise. This is particularly useful for cleaning offices in between meetings and shift changes.

The operatives can also regularly clean surfaces that are touched by numerous people every day. This can help to reduce the risk of illnesses being spread.

Specialist Belfast cleaning companies

If you are based in Belfast or the surrounding areas, there are a number of Belfast cleaning companies to choose from. The majority of these will offer a daytime cleaning service option.

If spillages or leaks occur, these can be dealt with immediately by the cleaning operatives, meaning that staff don’t have to worry about them and they don’t get left to fester.

Having cleaning operatives visible and available during the day can also reassure employees about cleanliness standards, which is especially pertinent in the COVID-19 era.

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Any downsides?

There are some potential downsides to daytime office cleaning, although most can be mitigated. The main one is that having cleaning operatives around during office hours may cause distractions for employees.

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