Different types of wrinkles

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As we age, wrinkles and lines of all kinds are unavoidable. You may have wondered about the names of the wrinkles, their appearance and how to reduce them. These are the different types of facial lines that occur.

Expression wrinkles

After repeating the same expression thousands of times the muscle movement will have an effect on the skin. Our facial muscles are unique in that they are directly attached to our skin. This allows us to create a wide range of facial expressions. These facial expressions cause frown lines around the eyes and crow’s feet on the forehead. Botox is the best way to treat frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. For Botox Exeter, visit Helen Hunt.

Gravity wrinkles

Gravity can weigh everything down. This includes the tissue above the wrinkle. As we age we lose the collagen that gives our skin its elasticity. This, combined with gravity’s effects, causes our skin to sag. Smiling lines are a prime example of the wrinkles caused by gravity and a loss in collagen. Botox Exeter can assist here.

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Elastotic wrinkles

Skin can become less elastic due to excessive sun exposure. These wrinkles can be seen around the lips, cheeks, and the bottom of the neck. These lines become permanent over time. You can help them by maintaining a good skincare regime, applying sunscreen regularly and avoiding excessive exposure to direct sunlight.

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Compression wrinkles

It was discovered only recently that this type of wrinkle occurs when your face is pressed against a pillow while you sleep. They are a natural part of aging and cannot be avoided. Try sleeping on your back, or buy a pillow designed to relieve pressure on skin.

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