Take Care of Your Feet in the Winter

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As the colder weather arrives, there are lots of things that can cause health issues at this time of the year. We are used to coughs and colds going around in the winter, but another part of the body that can suffer in the winter months is feet.

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We often don’t give much thought to our feet, especially in the winter when they are wrapped up warm, however, this is the time of year when you need to make sure that you are taking good care of them.

One of the most common winter foot complaints are chilblains. Chilblains are caused after the feet have been exposed to the cold, especially for a long period of time. They are something that you will usually notice a few hours after you have been exposed to the cold, and they feel like an intense itch or a burning feeling.

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The skin may turn a reddish colour or even purple or blue, and in some cases the skin may become so sore and inflamed that it causes blisters. Although scratching can be tempting, you should leave it alone as it could become infected.

Another common condition that you need to see a specialist like this podiatrist Gloucester based company https://www.propodiatry.co.uk/podiatry/podiatrist-gloucester/ is athlete’s foot. This is common in winter as it thrives in damp environments, so feet that are sweating in warm socks and winter boots can create the right conditions for it.

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