How to Look Like Taylor Swift, Steve McQueen or Marilyn Monroe

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If you want to look as good as Taylor Swift, Steve McQueen, Chris Evans, Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley then just purchase a few authentic aran sweaters and you will immediately have that stylish fashionable look.  Elvis Presley was said to have loved the look and feel of a warm, traditionally made Irish sweater and even wore one on the film set of his movie, Jailhouse Rock.  Marilyn Monroe was an Icon of the 1960’s and wore her oversized, baby blue Aran Sweater in a famous scene in one of her movies. The actor Chris Evans is known to be a firm fan of aran sweaters and gave this traditional garment a new lease of life when he famously wore one in his classic film, “Knives Out”.  Looking cool, sophisticated and handsome, Chris is the epiphany of fashion in his traditional Aran Sweater.

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Back in the late 1960’s the actor Steve McQueen set the fashion industry on fire when he wore a vintage, cream Aran Sweater on the film set of his movie “The Thomas Crown Affair”.  The classic Cable stitch and round neck of this traditional Irish jumper worn by such a well-loved Film Icon brought this popular clothing item back into the public’s eye.

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When Taylor Swift released her much-acclaimed Folklore Album she was pictured in a stunning, roll neck, Aran Sweater with cable and diamond stitching, looking incredibly glamorous.

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