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The clothes that we wear all say something about us. They reflect our personality more than we probably care to admit. For many people, the clothes that they wear also reflect how they are feeling at the time.   One thing that you can wear with some pride and knowledge that you are carrying on a tradition, is a wonderful merino wool sweater. Women tend to favour these in the winter time as they help to keep the warmth in . Getting a proper one is important and shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters/womens-aran-sweaters/womens-merino-wool-irish-sweater is one of the best places to purchase one.

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When you wear this sweater you are remembering a past that was hard and difficult. The design and shape of the sweater was born out of rugged determination to survive and provide for the inhabitants of the Aran Isles. These windswept islands are the home to resourceful and passionate people who love the sea and the land it surrounds.

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They were first knitted by the women of the island for their husbands, brothers, grandfathers and betrothed. These men would gather in small fishing boats and venture out into the wild Atlantic in search of plaice, cod, crabs and lobsters. This they could sell to the mainland for bread or simply eat with their families. The wool from the sheep was naturally water resistant so it was perfect, and it was warm.

The women wore them too as they worked in the fields and looked after the children, all keeping their lonely vigil as they watched the seascape for a sign of the fishing fleets safe return.

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