Christmas Trees and Britain’s Only Native Pine Tree

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Choosing and decorating a Christmas tree to go in the home is one of the real joys of the festive season. Going to somewhere like this real Christmas trees Northampton based farm to choose the perfect tree to go in your home, taking it back and decorating it is a special Christmas tradition that many people enjoy.

There are many types of trees that are commonly used as Christmas trees in the UK. These include Douglas Fir, Norwegian spruce and Nordmann Spruce. However, in the UK we only have one pine tree that can actually be called native, and that is the Scots Pine.

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Not commonly used for Christmas trees in the UK, the Scots pine is an important tree and provides habitats and food for a great range of wildlife. The place where this tree is most commonly found is in the Scottish Highlands.

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Unfortunately, much of the Scottish pine forests were felled in the 17th Century, as the wood was used for building ships. Now, there is a huge effort being made to regenerate these forests, as many species of animals are so reliant on them.

All forms of life can be found amongst the branches, from the lichens that grow on them, to the red squirrels that live amongst them, to the golden eagles that nest high in the tops of the branches. One Scots pine tree provides a valuable habitat for many different creatures, which is why it is so important to ensure that the trees are able to flourish in the Scottish highlands and across the UK.

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