Why should we kill once and for all the myth of drinking eight glasses of water a day?

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We all know that proper hydration is essential to benefit the organization and its operation, however, little is known about the exact amount you need to drink. The most widespread and popular recommendation states that are required eight glasses of water a day for health care, but this, is it a myth or a reality?

Less or more for health care

Since a hydration correct is that which maintains fluid balance and electrolytes in our body, the amount of liquid that a body needs can be very different from another, but of course, depends on many factors.

And if we drink little our whole body suffers the consequences, for different organs are affected and can damage vital functions, reduce performance, alter mood and even prove fatal.

But if instead we drink too much water can also seriously affect the body by causing dilution of electrolytes that play important roles and at low levels in relation to water can alter blood circulation, cause gastrointestinal symptoms and even fatal.

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So it is appropriate to drink liquids in perspective as both deficit and excess consumption of water can harm us. Hence the importance of knowing (about) how much to drink.

Eight glasses: Myth or reality?

It has long ago known that our body requires about 1 ml of water per calorie consumed, amount in a diet of 2000 Kcal water equivalent to 2 liters or 8 glasses. It is since then and hence this recommendation has become so popular.

However, in 2007 the British Medical Journal and found that the intake of eight glasses of water are more of a medical myth widespread, as 2 liters of water we might need if we lead a 2,000 calorie diet not only get drinking water, but also eating, since all foods in varying degrees offer water.

Also, a research published by the American Physiological Society, concludes that there is insufficient scientific evidence to support the recommendation of eight glasses of water a day, for food and infusions, including coffee consumed in moderation, also they contribute fluids and contribute to good hydration.

But a study of Nutrition Reviews notes that water intake of 2.7 liters per day for women and 3.7 liters per day in men healthy adults may be adequate to meet water needs and could be higher in athletes and athletes.

As if little confusion about how and whether we should drink eight glasses a day of water are needed or not, scientists from France believe that sedentary adult should drink 1.5 liters of water a day.

As we can see, there is no exact recommendation about how much water we should drink nor is there evidence that indicates that drinking eight glasses of water a day is needed for health care or on the contrary, in the case of a false myth.

This not only confirms that the eight glasses of water daily can stay very short in athletes but may be overkill for a sedentary adult living in cold weather, because water needs may vary between 1.5 and 4 liters per day depending on the level of physical activity, metabolism, intake of food, ambient temperature where we live or other factors.

So maybe we should think about that eight glasses are not a good recommendation but, to be well hydrated, it is best to attend to the signals our body to drink water when we need it or perceive thirst.

We must not forget that between 20 and 30% water diet derived from solid foods and no liquids, therefore, increase the intake of food with high water content also can help to avoid missing liquids in food daily and drink over it eight glasses of water can induce excess fluid.

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