Considerations When Decorating A Loft Conversion

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Before embarking on the task of converting your loft into a bedroom, playroom or home office it is vitally important that you plan out how you’ll furnish and decorate the space. Loft rooms typically lack walls which divide off their interior so making sure you are equipped with sufficient furniture is key in making sure that you make the most of this living space.

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If you want to transform your loft into an inviting sleeping or relaxation area, opt for a light colour scheme. Loft spaces tend to feel small and dark; using bright white paint will instantly open up the room – this works particularly well if the room features large Velux windows which let in lots of natural light. For details on Loft Conversions Bristol, go to a site like

One effective loft decorating idea is using mirrors to give the appearance of more space. There are various ways mirrors can be integrated into your loft, including full-length wall-hangings or wardrobe doors with mirrors; or you could hang multiple mirrors above a dresser or shelving for an eye-catching focal point.

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If you’re planning on turning your loft into a bedroom, including a bathroom will increase its cost significantly. Before construction begins it’s worth thinking carefully about where you would like the bathroom to go – its location will determine how much work needs to be done on existing plumbing and supplies can usually be connected via flexible plastic plumbing from either your boiler or the floor below via flexible joists.

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