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If you’ve recently had new doors and windows fitted, you’ll want to make sure that they stay looking fantastic and last a long time. They should require little maintenance but that doesn’t mean they can be forgotten. Keeping up a routine of cleaning and taking care of them doesn’t have to become a chore as you won’t have to do it too often but is important nonetheless.

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Your front door will most likely be the one that sees the most action and if you have family and visitors who come and go regularly then it will be opened and closed many times in the course of a day. Check that locks are working as they should and some adjusting of hinges and locks may be required from time to time.

Remember to clean frames as well as glass doors and windows. Regular cleaning will make them look new for longer. Patio doors can also get grubby so make sure that the bottom track is clear of debris and sliding doors will need rollers kept clear to ensure they operate smoothly. For details on Bifold Doors Bridgwater, visit Choice Trade Frames, a supplier of Bifold Doors Bridgwater.

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Approximately once a year, check your window fittings and apply grease or vaseline to the moving parts for smooth movement. Check for any loose screws and tighten if needed. It’s a good idea to clean the frames about twice a year.

For the best looking windows, glass should be cleaned somewhere between four and eight times a year. Cleaning windows in bright sunlight is tricky as it’s not easy to see streaks so wait for a cloudy day, which shouldn’t be hard in the UK!

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