Three Ways to Make your Home More Pet Friendly

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Many people enjoy having pets. In lockdown, pet ownership, particularly dogs, soared as we got more time to spend at home. For many people, this was a situation that was new to them, and there was a lot to be learned.

One of the practical things to be aware of when you have a pet is the changes that you should make to your home to make sure that your pet is happy and safe and that your home continues to look great – pets can be messy!

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Cables and wires are one of the things that pose a danger, particularly to puppies and kittens, as well as for rabbits, who are prone to chewing. Making sure that all wires and cables are inaccessible to pets is important and should be done before you bring your pet home.

Flooring is something else that can really take the brunt of animal ownership. Flooring like this laminate wood flooring is always better – a young puppy in particular will have many accidents indoors, and having flooring that is easy to clean is much more hygienic and convenient.

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If you like to have plants in and around your home, you should make sure that they are kept away from your pets, as there are many house plants that are dangerous to domestic animals. There are also lots of human foods that are unsuitable for pets, so you should make sure that you check what these are and keep them well away from your pets.

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