When Does a Flat Roof Need to Be Repaired?

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Although most homes in the UK have pitched sloping roofs, flat roofs are not uncommon, especially for garages and extensions. If a flat roof makes up all, or part of your home, then it is a good idea to know how to care for it, and what signs to look out for that mean it may need to have some repair work done.

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Flat roofs don’t tend to have as long a lifespan as pitched roofs. There are a number of reasons for this – they are not as able to get rid of anything that accumulates on them as they do not have the slope (and gravity) to help them, and they are also not as well protected from the elements by slates and tiles.

Heavier items cannot be used to help protect flat roofs, as this puts too much weight onto them and makes them unsafe. Over time, the forces of nature can therefore weaken them and cause problems to develop.

If you are wondering when you need to get a professional like this flat roofing Cheltenham based company https://www.dtaylorroofing.co.uk/roofer-near-me/epdm-rubber-roof-and-flat-roofing/cheltenham to come and take a look at your flat roof, here is a general guide that will help you…

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If you have noticed a leak in the roof or damp areas coming through

If the roof is older than fifteen years – older roofs tend to need more TLC

If you spot any cracks in the roof, there is likely to be some damage in there

Pools of Water – If you have pools of water on the roof that isn’t draining, this needs to be looked at

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