Key Facts About Judaism

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Did you know that there are many important Jewish traditions? Among these traditions are wearing a skullcap called a kippah, which is worn when praying, eating, or studying. Similarly, people who practice Judaism wear a prayer shawl, called a tallit, during prayer services. The tallit has several unique design elements, including tzitzit, which are knotted fringes or tassels at the corners of the shawl.

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Judaism is the oldest monotheistic religion, with around twelve million adherents around the world. The history of the Jewish people starts with a covenant between God and Abraham, roughly three thousand years ago. Abraham lived in the Middle East, and is regarded as the founder of the religion. The Jewish people also celebrate special holidays and times of the year, and believe that they were given the Torah by the Prophet Moses. One major celebration is the coming of age ceremony of Bar or Bat Mitzvah. For Bar Mitzvah Cards, contact

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In early biblical narratives, the Israelites believed in a universal monotheism. Moreover, they believed that the divine presence was felt in the natural world, and even more intensely in human actions. The ancient Israelites were the only community in ancient times to view the presence of God in history, and this view was the most influential and lasting. Ultimately, the Jewish people held the belief that God is present in human affairs, and this is the most important difference between Jewish and non-Jewish thinking. To understand the Jewish faith, knowledge of the history of Judaism is essential.

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