The editorial career of Alastair Campbell

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Alastair Campbell has always been a figure at the forefront of things. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the new European newspaper. He continues to be an influence on political life and reporting in general.

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He began his career as a journalist where he worked for various newspapers and magazines all based within Great Britain. However, his biggest break was rising to be a journalist with the Daily Mirror. This suited his left leanings, however he did briefly hold a position as a journalist with the Daily Express, although it’s more conservative outlook was not really in his mindset. He then moved to become the political editor of the Today newspaper in the late 1980s. When the Today folded he moved back to his home at the Daily Mirror but this time as the main political editor. He continues a similar role at today.

He has always been something of a combative reporter always seeking out the truth and with an obvious bias to his opinions.

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His skills in media and journalism soon caught the attention of the Labour Party who offered him the role of press secretary in 1994. With his help and guidance he was able to steer Tony Blair to an electoral victory in 1997. This made him become the director of communications and strategy, a most powerful position indeed.

He stayed in the role till 2003 when he resigned. However he still played a major part in policy and media strategy from the sidelines. He has also written several books about his experiences with the Labour Party in office

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