Why it is good to do things that scare you

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Fear is a natural human response to danger. Without it, we would not have the ability to react quickly enough to avoid injury or danger. But if we let our fears stop us from moving forward in our lives, it can backfire and lead to depression or even a mid-life crisis.

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One way to deal with irrational fear is to face it head-on. It can be helpful to write down your fears and try to understand why. You can also ask for help and advice from a professional who will help identify your fears.

Another way to cope with your fears is to ‘expose yourself gradually’ – you start with easy situations and then move on to more difficult ones. This will boost your confidence and teach you how to cope with feelings of anxiety, for example. Physical exercise and challenging yourself are also great confidence boosters. Why not consider the benefits of High Ropes to challenge yourself? Find out more at https://www.270climbing.com/high-ropes/

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Healthy coping skills such as exercise, talking to someone you trust or meditating are also good ideas. These can help deal with physical sensations that cause fear such as a churning stomach or nausea. It’s also important to have a variety of hobbies to enjoy, even if they are different from what you usually do. This allows us to focus on and distract our fears. You can count on friends and family to help you deal with your fears and encourage you when the road gets tough.

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