Can CCTV deter crime?

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It depends on how and where it’s used, but the answer is yes. CCTV is effective in reducing crimes. One study shows that crime decreased by as much as 13% in areas with CCTV installed as opposed to places without it.

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What is the role of CCTV in reducing crime?

  • Increase the real risks of being caught
  • Increase the perceived risks of being caught
  • Encourage the use of public spaces to make it harder for crimes to go unnoticed
  • Encouragement to extra-vigilance by indicating the danger of criminal activity to the public
  • Reduce the chances of crime occurring

Which crime can be more easily reduced with CCTV?

The College of Policing conducted a review of the effectiveness of CCTV in different types of crime. Six studies showed that crime related to drugs decreased by 20 percent, while 23 other studies found that property and vehicle crimes dropped by 14 percent. When you need CCTV Installation Gloucester, contact

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What is the best place to use CCTV?

It is more effective to use CCTV in areas where there are no blind spots. For example, car parks or train stations have a limited space where the CCTV coverage can almost be 100%. Even more so if CCTV can be used in a place where criminals cannot exploit blind spots.

When you use CCTV with trained personnel monitoring the cameras, it can help reduce crime by a further 15% than if they were not monitored.

Crime rates could be reduced up to 34% by using other measures like lighting, fencing and audio/video surveillance.

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