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A normal car and a sports car, whilst similar in some ways, are at opposite ends of the design spectrum. Their basic function is the same but the way they function is not. They are each designed to fulfil different needs and desires.

Sports cars are built for speed and power. They need to be agile, stable, fast and gutsy and whilst created for speed, they perform poorly in other aspects. A sports car is a single purpose vehicle aimed at youthful types seeking a rush of adrenaline.

Normal cars are designed to appeal to families and focus on things like fuel efficiency, capacity, comfort and low maintenance costs. A multi-purpose vehicle with a completely different customer in mind.

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Normal cars can’t go as fast but they have plenty of space to carry a family of four and their dog for a day out and do so safely. It’s not a question of which one is better but that they are for different people and different scenarios. Normal cars are for daily life and are sufficiently functional whereas a sports car is for pure entertainment value. A sports car can be a symbol of wealth and success and attract attention wherever they go. A normal car is for going to work, a sports car for showing off!

Whilst their functionality differs, so do their physical properties. A sports car engine will be significantly more powerful but a normal car beats it hands down on fuel efficiency. Most sports cars are real gas guzzlers with an average of 22 miles per gallon. But let’s face it, nobody buys a sports car for the fuel consumption.

Sports cars need a powerful battery. A battery that can withstand shock and vibration and offers more power and greater life expectancy than an average battery.

The chassis of a sports car is rigid and allows it to corner quickly without losing traction whereas the chassis of a normal car has comfort in mind. This would be unachievable without the use of some  Roscamat Pneumatic Tapping Machines.  The brakes on sports cars have to be a bit special for obvious reasons. They often have advanced carbon ceramic brakes. These are designed to avoid overheating and allow the vehicle to stop safely in seconds. The brakes on a normal car are certainly not sub standard but don’t have to be quite as impressive as the brakes on a sports car. Most modern brakes are very technologically advanced anyway.

The aesthetics differ greatly as you would expect them to. Sports cars are sleek and defined to reduce wind resistance at speed. Everything is designed around speed. There will be bucket seats, racing car style steering wheels and controls for activating exciting sports modes. A normal family car on the other hand is designed to be attractive and useful at the same time. While not likely to turn many heads, it’s a whole lot easier to take your kids to school in.

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