Are leaflets still effective in the digital age?

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If you are looking for new ways to advertise your business, you might be wondering if leaflets or flyers are worth the investment. Are leaflets still effective in the digital age? Here are some reasons why leaflet printing remains a strong advertising method for local businesses:

  • Flyers offer a low cost advertising method that has a big impact on local customers.
  • Flyers and leaflets do a great job of introducing your brand and services to a large number of people in a specific location close to your business. This works well if you have a new business, are offering new services or going through a rebranding exercise.

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  • Leaflets help to make your brand instantly recognisable among your local community. For information on Signage Exeter, consider a site like
  • Flyers also work well when you are recruiting and looking for staff within a certain location near to your business. As well as advertising vacancies digitally, leaflets might encourage interested parties to call into your store or business, enabling you to build a more personable relationship with candidates.

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  • Leaflets are effective at advertising special sales or discounts. It could contain a physical coupon or voucher or contain codes for discounts applied online, for example.
  • This method can also drive customers online for sales. This might sound counterproductive but the best strategies combine print and digital media. Traditional leaflets are favoured by some customers who prefer something tangible and this can encourage them to look for you online.

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