How design and function can help cool your office

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As the weather starts to warm up, many people will be looking for ways in which they can ensure that their office spaces stay cool. This is not only important for the productivity of the staff members working in the office, but it is also vital to ensure that they are kept safe and healthy. When offices start to heat up it can cause issues with concentration and in some extreme cases can lead to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. This can then lead to a medical emergency.

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Brise Soleil can be fitted to the outside of a building to help change the angle of the sunlight as it enters the building. This can then help to reduce the heat inside the building. These can be built from a  number of different materials from metal through to wood. The one that you choose will depend on your personal preference, any planning restrictions on your building and of course your budget.

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Other ways that you can help to reduce the heat inside your offices is to think about where you locate equipment such as printers and copiers. These will naturally produce hot air as they work and it is important to ensure that you do not place these too close to your employees and that where necessary you ensure that they are located near to a window so air can circulate.

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