How to care for oak trees

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The mighty English Oak is a potent symbol of this country and one of its most iconic bits of flora. It was the good old English Oak that built the ships that won at the battle of Trafalgar and ensured that Britannia, finally, ruled the waves. They are also one of the longest living of all trees and have a place dear to every person’s heart. They even have Royal approval. Not only is Charles the Second is thought to have hidden up one in the Second Civil war, a road through Savenake Forest, linking Swindon to Salisbury, was diverted because Prince Charles, possibly the third, one day, asked for it to be moved so an Oak wasn’t felled. It’s still there today.

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As with any tree, the Oak needs care and a Tree Surgeon Bournemouth way like is perfectly placed to help and assist with this. The reason is that for an oak tree to thrive and survive they have to be constantly cared for. The removal of dead branches is the longest job, along with any that are broken or snapped. All must be removed so that the tree does not overexert itself when it’s growing. This is also true for an established tree. It needs to conserve its resources.

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Otherwise, the usual rules for any plant care apply. Oaks are very partial to full sunlight and some decent soil that allows for plenty of water to drain away. However, they are at some risk from global warming. One thing that Oaks really like is the natural progress of the seasons. They like the hot and the cold.

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