Freshman Year Fashion Tips for College Students

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College students encounter a flood of tips even before freshman year starts. One of the most overlooked topics is fashion. It’s often not taken as seriously as it should. Dressing casually is a part of college life, but there are times when dressing up makes the right impression. Here are some fashion tips to make your freshman year unforgettable.

Dress the Part

If the kids are wearing casual clothes, or out having fun, then a tats and cats shirt or something cute is fine. That cardigan sweater and nice pair of khakis in class may impress your professor. A look above your peers may count later when you ask for a recommendation letter. Also, try to invest in a dressy pair of shoes and a suit for when a job interview comes along.

Plan to Party

If you are starting out as a college freshman, a party is bound to eventually come up. A silly t-shirt may do, but why not take along an old Halloween costume? You may want to shop around for something new and appropriate if it’s a theme party. There will be times you want to stand out in a quirky way, and over the top may be just the formula.

Be Unique

If you have an impression everyone has to fit in, that’s not necessarily true. You can be unique. Choose patterns that reflect your style, whether it’s a shirt or a bikini (if you’re a girl). Don’t be afraid to experiment with novel styles. They’re often prevalent on college campuses and can be found online. Youth are known for fun and experimentation, so enjoy this time!

Be Fashionable on a Budget

You don’t want to spend more than you have. Big name stores often sell cheap clothing, and you never know when there will be sales. Smaller online shops offer great deals as well. Spending more won’t impress anyone; it’s choosing clothing that boosts your confidence and makes a good impression that will.

There’s more to fashion during freshman year. Many students wear sneakers or flip-flops. Wearing pajamas in class is not presentable, but jeans or leggings tend to be popular. Stylish shirts are commonplace, but guys and girls can wear t-shirts. Make-up is not a must; some choose to use it in varying quantities, or go without it.

Another good tip is to look around before the first day, or ask people about the current styles and trends. An honest answer or opinion can give you some great insight into how to approach fashion. Starting college makes most students nervous. The better you look, the better you should feel. It’s best to start making a good impression, that expresses your individuality, from day one.

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