The History of Sweaters

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Sweaters were first made popular during the 1920s but they had existed before, becoming more well known during the 19th century when they were adopted by the British Navy. The word sweater literally comes from the original purpose of the garment and that is that it was meant to be worn for sweating. Its first high end designer was Lanyin, whose couture label was founded in 1926. Since that time, many designers have contributed to the evolution of the sweater along the way.

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Sweaters are made of wool and are most often knitted. This fabric is durable and warm, making them a popular choice for outdoor activities. In the past, fishermen needed hardy and warm clothing for their work, and their wives knitted “guernseys” for them. This material was warm and protected them from the cold, even when wet. For a range of stylish irish sweater men, visit a site such as

Today, sweaters cover the torso and arms. Some models are designed with zips or buttons. Some are even designed to zip from top to bottom. They can be made from a variety of materials. Some are made of cashmere, wool, cotton, and blended fabrics. These fabrics can be thick or thin, depending on the weather.

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Sweaters came to be known as sweaters in the 20th century, and the term became a catch-all for the garment. In the 1890s, Americans began to use the sweater as a sports uniform which was associated with different colleges. During this time, women began adopting this style and embraced it as an everyday item of clothing.


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