3 Options for Watching Television

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With Coronavirus keeping people cooped up in their homes and shutting down places like movie theaters and bowling alleys, the demand for home entertainment has seen a definite rise. Even as restrictions are lifted, caution keeps many from going out and enjoying the venues they normally would. If you are like much of the population, you have found yourself passing time by watching shows, movies and videos more frequently than you normally would. Maybe you have been using solely internet sources like streaming subscriptions or free platforms like YouTube for your viewing pleasures, but have recently found yourself interested in acquiring a television. If this is the case with you, you should be aware of the television options out there, so here they are.

1. Satellite

Satellite television is programming that comes from a satellite dish in space circling Earth. To get satellite television, you need satellite dish installation Columbus. The installed satellite dish receives audio and video signals from the space dish and translates this to shows and movies on your television. Satellite television comes with the advantages of reliability, bandwidth availability, lower price, global coverage and high speed.

2. Cable

Cable television comes from signals through cables, though some cable television systems use satellites. It is different from satellite television because it is not wireless. One advantage of cable television over satellite television is that cable television is less susceptible to the whims of weather. However, it also often comes with a heftier price tag than satellite television.

3. Free

There also exists the possibility of watching television for free. FTA, or free-to-air, television is unencrypted, meaning it is free for anyone with the correct equipment to watch. FTA broadcasting requires a one-time investment of purchasing a satellite dish and a receiver. It generally consists of public TV channels like PBS that are funded by the government.

While watching an excessive amount of television is not good, there is no harm in watching it casually. Furthermore, there are plenty of options to get access to television programming, including the three listed here and pay-per-view channels.

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