Nuclear Power – Dealing With it Safely and Responsibly Disposing of the Waste

Handling and clearing up radioactive waste is one of the greatest problems of the nuclear age. Although the idea of a nuclear power station is great, of course the waste that it produces as well as the waste that is removed when the plant is eventually decommissioned has to be cleared and removed somehow – and when it is so dangerous that going anywhere near it can prove fatal, this is no easy task.

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Nuclear power stations have solved many issues when it comes to producing the energy needed to power our homes and businesses. They are better for the environment than the coal power plants before them, however as we know when things go wrong, the environmental consequences can be absolutely catastrophic – the Chernobyl power plant accident in 1986 caused much death and destruction in both the surrounding area and in other countries, and the zone around the plant is still far too dangerous to live in.

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Despite this, nuclear power is generally considered safe and seems to be here to stay, so we need to be able to tackle the waste that is produced by these plants safely and responsibly. Modern technology is a great asset when dealing with this – robots like those created at the National nuclear laboratory can be a great help to dealing with this waste, as it takes away the need for anyone to have to go near it and run the risk of handling contaminated waste.

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