Moving a Supervillain

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It must be a very difficult life being a supervillain. Usually, without a superpower, you’ve had to employ a bunch of next to useless crooks to be your henchmen. It’s taken you ages, plus cost you vast amounts of your ill-gotten gains, to build a super lair (like in a volcano or disguised warehouse) only for the Superhero, who does have superpowers, to come along, find it with ease and smash it all to bits. At least they know that a company like can be there for all of the Lab Relocation Services that will be needed afterwards so that the villain can, inevitably, return.

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What inspires these people to become villains in the first place? We always get the origin of the Superhero. Bitten by some kind of radioactive animal, exposed to some unpleasant gases or rays, altered by another Planet’s gravity, whatever it is, the Superhero is soon out fighting against crime. The Villain’s motivation is never fully explained. They must have had a difficult childhood somewhere. Do they want money? Do they want fame? Do they want to be in charge of the world? If they do, what do they have planned? So many questions that we often never find the answers to.

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The Super Villain also has a massive array of weird and wonderful weapons and treasures stored away throughout the lair. It will undoubtedly be a difficult job trying to get all of their stuff in the back of a removal lorry.

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