Breaking the law in Point Break

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The 1990s appeared to show no signs of giving up on the big budget, high thrills action films the 1980s had started to deliver. Keanu Reeves has the great honour of not only being in one of the first films of the decade to typify this, 1991s Point Break, but he was also in a film at the end of the decade, The Matrix, that would be a big influence for the next 20 years.

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Point Break features three strong central performances with Reeves as the bright new undercover FBI recruit Johnny Utah. With him are Gary Busey as Angelo Pappas and Patrick Swazye as the criminal leader Bodhi. The film centres around Utah and Pappas’ attempts to capture the Ex-Presidents. A notorious group of Bank robbers who only take money from the tellers and never from the more lucrative option in the vault. In this way, they can avoid the attention of AML IDENTITY CHECK systems like that from w2globaldata.

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Pappas believes that the Ex-Presidents are surfers.  The banks that they rob are only in towns when the surf conditions are good. Pappas is quite correct. Bodhi and his gang are seasonal thieves that use the money they steal to enable them to live a life of endless summer, cruising around the world to the best surf points that they can.

Working undercover Utah befriends the group and finds in Bodhi a kinship that will make it hard for him to betray.

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