How to achieve a more rustic-looking home

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If you want to know how you can make your home look more rustic and achieve a country vibe, then here are some tips. Whether you are a country dweller or an urban resident who wants to bring a little rustic feel to your décor, here’s how you can do it and it’s easier than you think:

Nothing says rustic like a beautiful fireplace. The right stone and hearth can create the perfect spot for gathering around the fire for some quality family time. It’s not always feasible to have a real fire but another option is a wood burning stove in an antique style. Those approved by DEFRA can be used in urban environments and create a cosy, country feel to any room in your home.

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For introducing a rustic touch in the bedroom, it’s quite easy to make your own headboard from pallet boards or some leftover wood and wood stain. You’ll find loads of online tutorials if you fancy getting the tools out and crafting one yourself. Add in additional touches like an antique lantern and you’ll instantly have a beautiful country cottage bedroom.

Photo Frames
These work great in any room – bedroom, lounge, hallway, stairs or kitchen. The type of frame you choose can help to create a vibe in your home so choosing anything made from wood can be made to look more rustic with a bit of sanding and staining. Think about displaying some black and white images in wooden frames for an even more vintage feel toy our décor.

An Oak Porch
This is a stunning additional to the front of a home that instantly gives countryside appeal. The use of traditional, classic and elegant oak not only looks amazing, but a porch provides a useful function in giving you a bit more space. Whether you want the space for storing wellies and coats or just looking for a more impressive entrance to your property, think about installing an Oak Porch from

Coffee Table
As a centrepiece of your living room, the coffee table can help to set the tone. For a rustic look, a table with different shades of wood is a great idea. The older the better when it comes to furniture that looks rustic. You might even consider repurposing a pallet, old timber crates or wooden wine boxes as the base for your table.

Tree Trunks
Nothing says rustic like an actual tree stump or real logs. You could make a coffee table from either or simply bring them into your home to place as decoration. Whether you use them for a practical purpose or position them purely for decorative reasons, bringing natural materials into the home provides an instant authentic country feel and has proven health benefits.

Hand Sewn Quilted Blankets
It’s not just wood that makes a rustic home, other complementary materials include quilts, pillows and cushion covers that have perhaps been hand sewn or look like they have been. A pop of colour is ideal for setting off a contrast against the wood and you’ll have a delightful country vibe without too much effort.

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