The Battle of the Hover and the Roller.

It might come as something of a surprise to you modern readers but in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s something if a cultural war was fought by gardeners and the owners of lawns. The debate that raged, and was taken up in the advertising campaign of the time, was whether this new innovative hovering lawn mower over the more traditional push along and roll it type was better.  It certainly had gardeners concerned especially those on the look out for Mountfield Spares, just in case they needed them, as they would do today.

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As with most things there were pros and cons on both sides. Rollers gave you the nice lined finish to a lawn but they were a nightmare to get up and around rough terrain or slopes. The hover on the other hand was perfect for such jobs gliding over the ground neatly cutting the grass to a perfect length with minimal effort.

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The big disadvantage to the hover was that all that time you saved not having to empty the grass box or going up and down in rigid lines was immediately lost by the fact you had to use a grass rake to collect all the grass it had chucked everywhere. Despite boxes now being added to the hovers the debate still goes on.

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