Web Design Tips to Boost Conversion

Conversion rates are key to the success of any website, and with these useful design tips you can make sure that you can turn casual visitors into loyal users.

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Layout Adjustments

The way your site’s interface is organised should be determined by the type of content you are offering to those who visit, so if you are having to crowbar content into an unsuitable layout, then it is time to make a change.

Whether you are focusing on finely-honed blog posts or impressive video and multimedia features, your site’s layout should reflect this. Factoring in a call to action is also key to boosting conversion rates.


Mobile browsing is immensely important not only in the west, but also in emerging markets around the world. That means a website that is flexible enough to fit onto the display of any device, no matter its size, will instantly win over millions of smartphone users.

This also has SEO implications, as mobile-friendly responsive sites get a rankings boost. Working with a Cardiff web designer agency like ambercouch will let you take full advantage of responsive web design.

Content Quality

A snazzy site can only get you so far. Unless the quality of your content is also up to scratch, visitors will quickly lose interest and head elsewhere. Whether you are trying to sell products and services or get people to sign up to a mailing list, unique and finely-crafted content will give you the best chance of increasing conversions.

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This is an excellent way of building your brand and fostering familiarity with your target audience, so consider factoring in a variety of different types of content. This can be everything from engaging posts on relevant topics to images, videos and interactive elements that support your cause.


Search engine optimisation relies on a variety of skills and tactics to be effective. It should be a fundamental part of web design, allowing your site to appear prominently on Google, Bing and other platforms which dictate how much traffic will be directed to it.

While SEO is a broad and complex topic, there are a few key areas to focus on if your conversion rate is not up to scratch. Page load speed should be perfected, for example, as both search engines and visitors will be put off by long waits.

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