Will Laminate Flooring Work With Underfloor Heating?

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If you’ve got laminate in your home and are considering underfloor heating – or perhaps you already have the heating and fancy a change in flooring – you might be wondering if this kind of heating is compatible with such flooring. The good news is that it is entirely possible to install underfloor heating under laminate, but there are a few things you should be aware of.

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As the uSwitch website explains, underfloor heating works at lower temperatures than traditional radiators and can quickly heat up a far larger area. This makes it a practical and often energy-efficient heating system that can enhance your home.

Flooring Thickness

While laminate works well with underfloor heating, and gives you a wonderfully warm and comfortable surface to walk on during cold spells, you should ensure your flooring is not too thick. Generally speaking, 18mm is the maximum thickness you should consider when choosing laminate to be installed over underfloor heating. Any thicker and you will lose too much of the heat generated, making the entire process pointless.

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In addition, you should select laminate that is supplied in narrower rather than wider planks. This is because wider planks tend to show more movement. An easy way to check you are choosing the right type of flooring is to do a quick calculation to determine the thickness-to-width ratio of your new flooring. For example, a plank that is 16mm thick and 160mm wide gives you a ratio of 10. The optimal ratio is between 7 and 11, making 10 perfectly acceptable.

Check the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Not all laminate will be suitable for use with underfloor heating, so check with the manufacturer if you’re not sure. If you are still in doubt, a reputable retailer, such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.ie/laminate-flooring.html, will have experienced and trained staff who can answer any questions you might have and put your mind at rest. Generally, laminate should not be used in conjunction with underfloor heating set to temperatures higher than 27 degrees Celsius, but the exact guidelines will vary between manufacturers and product lines, so always check at the time of purchase.

Laminate is a great choice for flooring in any home – it’s practical, affordable and attractive and can safely be used with underfloor heating systems if you follow the advice of the manufacturer or retailer.

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