Orange Juice for Breakfast

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Rare is the day that I do not start breakfast with a natural orange juice. I love the taste, I have already become a habit and gives me much energy just get up.

In reality, the ideal is to eat oranges (and fruit in general) whole and not juice. In this way, we also ingest the white part, which is richer in polyphenols (antioxidants) and we do not waste the fiber, which is lost when squeezing the juice. The latter is important because fiber interferes with the passage of sugar and cholesterol from food to the blood while facilitating the passage of these through the digestive system, so it helps to combat constipation.

Still, orange juice is a drink with a high antioxidant and anti – inflammatory and a healthy way to get vitamin C.

Beyond the traditional orange juice, these are my favorite combinations in the morning. They are very quick to prepare, so do not steal much time. I hope you like them!

Orange Juice with Ginger

As easy as squeezing oranges and then grating some ginger on top. Thus, in addition to all the vitamin C and antioxidants of oranges, we also benefit from the healthy properties of ginger.

The ginger is a tube with anti – inflammatory and antibacterial properties, improves digestion and circulation and stimulating.

The taste of the ginger is quite peculiar (something spicy and very aromatic), so if you do not accustom to take it normally, great first little quantity and add it to your taste.

Carrot Juice with Orange

For this juice, I use 2 carrots and 1 orange juice. First I squeeze the orange juice and then add it to the blender with the two carrots cut. As the preparation of this juice takes longer, buy the carrots already peeled and washed.

Also, instead of squeezing orange juice, you can cut it into pieces and add it to the blender with the carrots. But then you may have to pour water because otherwise, you will get a fairly consistent shake.

It is a perfect juice for the skin and the eyes and it brings us vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

If you like to taste new flavors, you can also add a little parsley to the mixer. It completely changes the taste of the juice, but you will be drinking a powerful antioxidant cocktail. Although we take it in small quantities, the parsley contains about 200 mg of vitamin C compared to the 52 mg that usually bring the oranges and lemons.

Orange juice with blood orange

I prepare it by squeezing 1 orange and 1 red or orange or red-orange.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite juice. But I also prepare the least. Blood oranges are not always easy to find and are a bit more expensive. However, I now take advantage of these months as a winter fruit.

Apart from its particular color, the taste is much sweeter than that of traditional oranges. In addition, it appears that blood oranges not only maintain but outweigh the benefits of common oranges.

In addition to their high content of vitamin C, they give us more beta-carotene and contain anthocyanin’s the antioxidant substances that give it that characteristic reddish color.

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I hope you like the proposals and encourage you to prepare some. If you do, remember to take into account the following recommendations:

  • As we have said, it is preferable to take the whole fruit than in juice. The whole fruit gives us fiber, makes us satiate more and reduces the absorption of sugars. But moderately, these types of drinks may also have other advantages as we saw here.
  • Watch out for the quantities. The recommendation of nutritionists is generally not to take more than one fruit together so as not to overtake us with sugar. I recognize that when I prepare the juice for two, I normally use three oranges (1.5 oranges per person) and sometimes if they are not juicy, it is more like a juice shot 😉. Luck is that oranges have a moderate amount of sugar. Even so, it is not about filling the glass up. If you want to know more about sugar in the fruit, you can read our post The recommended amount of fruit per day.
  • Personally, I prefer to keep the oranges at room temperature because I consume them within a few days of buying them. In addition, citrus fruits are generally long-shelf fruits.
  • Although I’ve read the contrary, all the specialists I’ve interviewed agree that, in order to get the optimal amount of vitamins, the juices must be made at the moment and taken immediately.
  • The citrus can worsen heartburn. I love lemon or grapefruit, but in juice, I do not always feel good. Also, personally, the orange juice feels better if I take it with food.
  • As we saw in the post foods that stain teeth or damage, the acidic foods can erode the enamel if we brush our teeth immediately after eating. So I better wait about 30 minutes before doing it. One trick is to have breakfast before you shower and dress to have this time margin.

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