Sailboats have many health benefits

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You should sail if you enjoy being on or near the water. It is both fun and healthy. Relax on a tranquil lake, race others at high speed or navigate across the sea. Sailing is an excellent fitness activity, so it doesn’t matter what style you prefer. While you are at the mercy and control of the elements, you also have a sense of self-determination. Here are a few of the benefits of sailing, if you’re not yet convinced.

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Cardiovascular fitness

If you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular system, sailing is a great way to do it. It can reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure. You will be able to benefit from the oxygen you consume when sailing.

Muscle strength

Sailing improves muscle strength and endurance. Sailing requires a variety of movements, including hoisting, pulling and pushing. These activities provide a total-body workout, which improves the strength of your muscles all over your body.

Mental well-being

Spending time outdoors and in nature can boost your mood. Fresh air and calming water are great for your soul. You’ll also get the benefit of charged ions from the salty air of the sea. These ions help your body absorb oxygen and balance serotonin. Serotonin balance is important for happiness. For details on a Day Skipper Course, visit Solent Boat Training who supply a Day Skipper Course.

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Reduce stress

Brainwaves are affected by the soothing sounds of water, gentle swaying of the boat, and the wind in the sails. The relaxing effects of these sounds and the rhythmic movements on the boat will be appreciated by anyone suffering from anxiety or stress.


You’ve probably heard the expression shipshape. There’s a good reason that the nautical phrase  meaning keeping things in order and organised is used. Once you adopt this mentality, other areas of your life become more organised too.

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